Monday, March 14, 2011

free: wedding invitation templates and diy wedding crafts

Are you a DIY bride? One thing I love about weddings is when the bride and groom personally take part in creating items to be used for their wedding. I think it makes weddings much more personal and really reflect the couple's personality. A and I did everything for our wedding (except for flowers, cake and photography). We made our invitations, wedding favours, escort cards, table numbers, menu, wish tree, wedding cd and even the gifts to give away to guests for the reception games. We loved that we were able to both contribute to the most important day of our lives.

Wedding Chicks is a great site for the DIY bride. The pictures above are just among the sample free invitation suites that can be downloaded from their website. Click here to go directly to their DIY and Downloads link.


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kamama said...

I'm working with my friend on our wedding invites, which is more like, she encouraging me to do it and design and put it together myself. So, I am super excited for the crafting and have a date with the man to go to The Paper Place on Queen St.

Anyways, can I request a blog post from you? I'm trying to figure out how to make these paper things that hold the different paper pieces together. Like this:

Maybe you can do a DIY or a piece on different ways to tie all the pieces together (I've seen ribbon, twine, etc).

And if this requesting thing works out, then you should have a request month and blog on requested items!

Just a thought from one of your fave readers.


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