Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Ice Fest at Yorkville and some other stuff...

We had a free half weekend so we decided to visit the Ice Fest at Yorkville. Too bad we missed the actual ice sculpting competition. Aren't ice sculptures cool?? I'm pretty sure A thinks this one is special =P (Fact: A loves watches)
 Photo op! Can't be sad about winter all the time =)
 Winter wonderland!
A hanging out with his peers. Haha (just kidding, babe)
 Isn't this huge smile just perfect in the middle of these beautiful winter trees? (yes, that was me in the background)
 and another one. It was perfect weather! =P I wish I could pose like a real model would instead of this half-smile I was sporting. Grrr!
 I didn't know about this, I swear.
 And this, but good job, baby =)
 Anyway, after we got bored, we went home and baked some cookies.
and yes, we got crazy so we made more....
Anyone want some??


Anonymous said...

I want some cookies please. Can I have some... Your solo pictures are so beautiful and that is a picture of "special moments" of capturing the snowfall and how beautiful trees looks like in winter. Great pictures.

Ate Carol

jan said...

Thanks, Ate! You should come by our place one time. I still have lots I won't be able to finish by myself!

Thanks August Empress for the cool background!