Sunday, March 13, 2011

what's in a name? weirdest baby names in recorded history

I guess this goes under "random post" yet again as I've been trying to find ways to kill time at work by checking out how people these days are naming their kids. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for uniqueness, but I think some are just a little bit ambitious (and strange) for wanting to name their kids in such ways. I have a list of the weirdest celebrity baby names like the following (and I thought naming a female child "Girl" was weird)

1. Jermajesty - Jermaine Jackson's son. Sure, it'll make him feel royalty and he doesn't exactly go to a regular public school like the rest of us, but I have a feeling Jermajesty Jackson still cannot escape being picked on in the playground for having such a "majestic" name.

2. Why go far if you can name your kid "Superman"? Apparently, rumor has it that a New Zealand couple Pat and Sheena Wheaton wanted to originally name their kid "4Real" but was deemed unacceptable for containing a digit, so they thought of the next best thing. We have quite high expectations for you, eh Superman??

3. Audio Science - Shannyn Sossamon named her son, "Audio Science" to, I don't know, honour her love for music, or torture the poor kid. He'll get a job in the music industry and people will say, "Hey Audio" and the poor guy will not know whether they're calling him or he needs to make audio adjustments.

4. David Duchovny and Tea Leoni naming their kid, "Kyd". Certainly couldn't think of anything more original, huh?

5. I thought this was a joke, but Rob Morrow named his kid "Tu" which makes her name "Tu Morrow". Smart? I think so. (Sure, it's hilarious, but really???)

6. Toni Braxton naming her kids Denim and Diezel. Boy, she loves those jeans!

7. Repeat offenders Bob Geldof and Paula Yates naming their kids "Little Pixie", "Fifi Trixibelle" and "Peaches Honeyblossom". I'm not sure who to feel sorry for first.

8. Sage Moonblood - Sylvester Stallone's. I don't even know what to say about that. And people made a big deal about Gwyneth Paltrow naming her daughter "Apple"

9. Bronx Mowgli. Seriously. This kid needs some serious fending for himself in grade school. Great job, Pete and Ashley.

10. Some actor named Dan Cortese named his kid Tabooger. Please let this be just a rumor.

Other weird, not so celebrity names we've heard: Feel free to use them as you please (not!!)
  • Crystal Chandelier
  • Immaunique (pronounced "I'm a unique" and get this her middle name is "child" -- I guess pretty unique then huh?
  • Kiwi (a fruit! not a child's name. I don't care how much you love kiwi! How would you feel if you were named "Watermelon"??)
  • Kal-el
  • Moxie Crimefighter
  • Queen Elizabeth (yes, these are first names)
Which brings us to the next Pink Loves Chocolate Contest......if you can name which celebrity named their kid Diva Muffin, you'll win this awesome and very cute camera case from photojojo.
I want one too, so I guess we'll both get one :P Will announce the winner on March 19, 2011. You'll have till the midnight of March 18th to leave a comment.

Google it now!


kamama said...

Adelaide Gail Sloatman and Frank Zappa!

BTW - new font?!

jan said...

yes, new font! =) i'm optimistic about spring coming sooner so a blog re-decoration was in order. will keep you posted about contest details on Saturday, March 19th. Thanks for joining!

Anonymous said...

Frank Vincent Zappa - was an American composer, singer-songwriter, electric guitarist, record producer, and film director. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Zappa wrote rock, jazz, electronic, orchestral, and musique concrète works. He also directed feature-length films and music videos, and designed album covers. Zappa produced almost all of the more than 60 albums he released with the band The Mothers of Invention and as a solo artist.Married to Adelaide Gail Sloatman.

Kuya Allan P.

Anonymous said...


Cute name! lol

Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen Zappa (born July 30, 1979) is an American artist, actress and musician. She is the youngest daughter of musician Frank Zappa (Wikipedia, 2011).


- shirley

jan said...

thank you for your comments. The winner of our felt camera case from Photojojo will be announced at noon on March 19th =)

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joy said...

Kal El is also Superman :) I think they're both cool names. Wait 'til I have kids. You'll have something to add on your list LOLz

Thanks August Empress for the cool background!