Monday, March 07, 2011

wedding trends: themed engagement sessions

Themed weddings are so popular these days, why not themed engagement photos as well? We believe that engagement photos should reflect the couple's distinct personalities and give their guests a view/peek into their personal lives. It can be a photo shoot showing things they enjoy doing as couple, just like this food themed engagement session. Click on image sources for more info.

Or, more fabulously, about a favorite movie, just like this Notebook themed engagement session.

 ...and a school themed engagement session. How cool would these be for engaged teachers?? Click on the link for more photos.

This last one happens to be my favorite from Wildflower Up themed session! Click on the image source to view more photos. I believe they even got goodies from Pixar for featuring the movie throughout their entire wedding. Sounds awesome, huh? I believe an Up themed engagement session is in our future someday =)


kamama said...

The photographer we hired for our wedding in the Philippines, did an Up shoot, that I loved. Check it out:

jan said...

I really like his photography style. Your pictures are gonna be awesome! I can't wait! =)

Thanks August Empress for the cool background!