Saturday, March 12, 2011

random things

It's March Break! Which means nothing for us working peeps, except that the malls will be overcrowded, and it'll be a little harder to find a parking space everywhere. I shouldn't complain since my regular work schedule allows me to have five days off every four days. You hear, FIVE days off! Which explains why I have so much time getting bored, enough to actually learn and make all sorts of stuff. Anyway, for the sake of randomness, here are some random things on my mind...

  • Been thinking of joining Twitter. Yes, I'm probably the only person in the world without a Twitter account. Wait, I lied, A doesn't have one so I guess that makes me the 2nd last person in the world without one. It just seems like a lot of work. What?!? Updating others about random thoughts and random life stories is too much work?? What century did I come from?! Any thoughts??? (about me joining Twitter, not the century I was born at :P)
  • I want the iPad2!!
  • Taxes! Every year, I make our taxes myself. It's not that hard and actually cannot be more straightforward than ever, but it's still on my mind and list of things to do. Sigh! What a fun way to spend March Break! (not!)
  • Been working on a few family albums projects. I realized I've had the time to make other people's albums and yet we have none of our many vacations together. I've successfully summarized our Philippines trip in 160 pages. Didn't take me long actually, so I'm hoping to eventually move to A and I's vacations, which means I don't have much time before wedding season starts. 
  • Reallly, Kim Kardashian??? 
  • There's soooo many more talented people out there, I'd never catch up! I feel somewhat behind...
  • I've also been thinking about knitting. I haven't knitted anything in...I'd say almost four years. Can you believe I made these??

I also made this purse, which started out as a scarf, but couldn't finish (I was too impatient). 

Anyway, there's so many awesome resources out there for knitting projects. Some you may have to pay for the patterns, but still! Check out these sites. 

Little Cotton Rabbits has an Etsy site where you can buy patterns to cute things like these!

By the way, how yummy looking are these??? Visit Twins Knitting for more pattens of cute stuff. 

Speaking of yummy stuff, how wonderful are these? Knitted (and edible!) cupcakes! Click on this link to see how she does it. Amazing!
Anyway, any random thoughts on your mind?? 

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