Thursday, March 17, 2011

Glee-cap: Original Song

Unlike everyone else, I didn't actually get to watch this episode on Tuesday when it was shown on TV. Thank God, for Rogers on Demand, or for others, where you can watch full episodes of your favourite Global shows (did you know that??) Working shift work makes it so hard to follow any TV series so kudos to those who still manage to watch The Bachelor, Celebrity Apprentice or Jersey Shore. 

This review has spoilers so those who haven't seen it, you've been warned!

......aaannnndddd proceed!

Anyway, how intense was Tuesday's episode?? It seems obvious that Ryan Murphy has been pushing really hard to sell the Kurt and Blaine story, and the build-up towards that was amazing. The moments before the Kurt and Blaine kiss, where he was describing a defining moment --- I had one of those moments. It was beautifully done. Well done, Darren Criss! (by the way, he's not gay in real life. I'm not sure why this bit is important -- but I guess just for us heterosexual girls :P)

The Rachel-Quinn confrontation scene was intense. I know people are getting tired of this love triangle, but I totally get that feeling when Rachel walked out of the auditorium and struggled writing her original song. I've had one too many moments like this. "Get it Right" and "Loser Like Me" were quite catchy. Anyway, do you still remember this from Season 1??? How I long for a nice Rachel-Finn moment. I guess we'll have to wait till next season!

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kPg said...

I just ranked Glee's 4 competition performances. I judged in terms of costume, choreography, vocal performance, and overall impact. Whew, it was really hard for me! See which sectionals or regionals episode placed first!

jan said...

very informative for the Glee fanatics. I love Season 1's music as well. Thanks for posting!

Thanks August Empress for the cool background!